Friday, 3 March 2017

Our Amazing Solar System

Yowza! Our Sun is HUGE ...

Have you ever wondered how big the Earth is compared to our Sun?
Or how many Earths would fit inside our Sun?
Maybe how big all of the planets are relative to our Sun?
Look no further for the answer as Mr. Albers' Grade 6 class has all of the answers to these burning questions and more!
Each table was asked to research a set of planets. Together, they had to draw and name the planets, the distance from the sun, the planet diameter and it's size as compared to the size of the sun using a 1 billionth scale.
The 'I Can' curricular statement met with this project is - 'I can identify and describe known planets revolving around the sun.'
A few of the students created a video of their class's work to share with the school to teach all of us about the Solar System. Ava, Kate, Brooklynne, Lakiya and Jaida are the actors while Jorja is the behind the scenes videographer and editor. Some of the actors explained that "it took so long to do and we had sooooo many bloopers - we made a video of just bloopers!"
Thanks for sharing your learning Grade 6A!

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