Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Can I subtract with regrouping?

Miss MacIntrye's grade 3 class, students were asked how they feel about subtracting with regrouping using the colours green, yellow, red. Green meaning I am confident, yellow meaning I sort of understand the concept but need more practice and red meaning I really do not understand the concept. After self-selecting their colour match, students were then grouped based on colours with green students being paired with a yellow and red student. Groups were given 3-digit by 3-digit subtraction problems that required regrouping. The green student supported, in a variety of ways, the other yellow and red students in understanding the regrouping concept. 
Jerah's approach to teaching was to ask Isabella to solve the problem, "then I will watch her. Then when she is done I will see how she did and tell her where the mistakes are."

Meanwhile, Billie says that she is having trouble regrouping but it really helps that her 'green' partner Karter tells her what she is doing wrong so she can fix it!

Wow! Look what we can learn when we work together. 

Miss MacIntrye uses the criteria, 'I can teach it to others' when assessing how well a student has learned a concept. Reaching the level of 'I can teach it to others', means students have met the highest level of achievement. 

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