Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Mrs. Lunge's Grade 5 students have been diving deeply into the writing process and using the collective skills of peers to improve the final writing product.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas using the prompt - 'Places You Have Traveled To'

Step 2: Create a rough draft or first copy.

Step 3: Using the Critical Friends Protocol to look critically at others' work and offer feedback to move learning forward.

Step 4: Using the peer feedback, students revise their first draft.

Step 5: Another round of peer feedback using the Critical Friends Protocol.

Step 6: With 2 rounds of peer feedback, students were then ready to revise and create their final draft. 

Wow! That is what we are talking about when we use a Growth Mindset. Taking a piece of writing and revising it 3 times! Every student's writing went from 'OK' to 'Well done!'
You should be proud of yourselves Grade 5L for demonstrating that "it's good enough", is never good enough.

(sorry about the sideways pictures - think of it as your yoga move for the day!)

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