Monday, 12 December 2016

One of our goals this year at Webster Niblock School is to develop more of a Growth Mindset, among students and staff. Using a growth mindset means that we use the power of 'yet' - 'I'm not confident in solving the math problem ... yet', 'I really want to read Harry Potter but I just can't seem to ... yet'. But 'yet' takes time, practice and perseverance = Growth Mindset.
In Ms. Bryan's grade 5 class, they are learning the vocabulary needed to talk yourself out of giving up. To reinforce the idea, the students discussed the idea of and created their own Learning Pit.

Small steps can lead to big changes. The old story of 'The Little Engine That Could' is a story of growth mindset and the power of not giving up. The Learning Pit is not a bad place, in fact it is in the pit that we do our best learning. If you can jump over the pit, then you are not learning anything new.

What can you say to yourself or what strategies can you use to get out of the Learning Pit?

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