Sunday, 2 November 2014

Grade Four Medalta Community Classroom

The Grade Four classes had a wonderful time learning at Medalta Potteries last week! We learned all about Simple Machines and how they were used at the factory to make work easier. One example of this was the Weeks Machine, which was used to make crock pots out of clay. We also got to make our own clay projects!

Students also got to tour the museum and learn about all of the different artefacts and why they are important to the history of Medalta.We also got a chance to examine how the machines in the Old Factory worked and even built some machines ourselves!

On Wednesday, we walked around the grounds of Medalta and learned about the different natural resources that were used by the factory. Plus, it was fun to collect rocks near the IXL Brick Plant.

The archaeologist taught us that when artefacts are discovered we don’t always know what they were used for. We did a “Math Trail” and found that Math can be found all around the factory! On Thursday afternoon, we used an iPad app called Klik-a-Klu to locate artefacts in the museum. It was a fun scavenger hunt!

On our last day, we visited many stations involving drawing, visual journaling, writing, and we learned about belts on the “Power Board”. We had such a great week at Medalta Potteries, we were sad to leave!

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