Friday, 24 October 2014

Grade 2 at Medalta Potteries

Our Grade 2 classes took an amazing adventure to Medicine Hat's historic Medalta Potteries. Each class spent 2 days exploring, questioning, uncovering and creating their learning in a unique environment.
Owen explained that they went on a scavenger hunt finding pottery and crocks, they took a tour and Medalta has doors that slide open like on a spy secret base! The class also went into a Beehive Kiln. Owen's favourite part was making monsters out of clay. His monster had a big mouth with 3 teeth - 2 on the bottom and 1 on top and it had a tail.

Kienna's favourite part was making creatures.She made a kitten - she just made the head and a tail and the kitten has a triangle nose.

Shaylee loved working with the clay. "First I made a pinch pot - like a little bowl - which was the body. Then I rolled a ball, stuck my finger in to make a hole for the mouth. For the trunk I rolled it into a snake then I put lines on the top of the trunk. To put it on the head, I scratched it then used water to stick it onto the head."

Michael really liked when Jim made the bowl. Jim works at Medalta in the Slip Casting Area. "He used a jigger. He took a piece of clay, put it in and used his machine (the jigger) and the clay got squished into it until it made a bowl. There was something under it and he took it out and put it on a rack to dry."

For Blake, he liked "going into the old factory because a whole bunch of interesting things are in there. There are lots of things that used to make pottery - stuff that you had to turn, like wheels to crank. There are train tracks in there and it was really dusty."

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